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Enhanced Penalty DUI in DC

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DC DUI Lawyer

So you were charged with DUI and now you are trying to figure out what to do. I am sure you are doing what most people do and trying to figure out who to hire and how much this is going to cost. We are DC DUI lawyers and its our goal to help you through this whether you hire us or some other lawyer. Lets start with the first notion that you must hire a DC DUI lawyer. A DC DUI lawyer would be defined as a lawyer in the District of Columbia that dedicates a substantial part of their practice to going to court and representing individuals who are charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

How much will it cost for a DC DUI lawyer

Most lawyers will not put their legal fees online thats because the fees can differ from case; however, you should have a baseline. There are an endless number of things to consider and ask when deciding which DC DUI attorney to hire, one of the most important is the fee structure. Every DUI attorney charges a different amount and the cheapest does not indicate the best deal. Remember you are paying for a defense of your rights, be sure to weigh all considerations before choosing. Ask questions to understand what you will be paying. Remember a DC DUI conviction is permanent and can not be sealed. Read our blog on how much legal fees should cost for a DC DUI.

Free Consultation with a DC DUI Lawyer

We offer a free consultation for your DC DUI. Most people are scared to pick up the phone for a variety reasons. You do not need to feel intimated because we are the friendliest lawyers in town and as you will learn after speaking to Ms. Chan or Mr. Rollins they will make you feel comfortable.

DC and OWI penalties in DC

Stages of DUI in DC

Frequent questions for DC DUI

DC Sexual Solicitation Lawyer

Charged with Prostitution in DC

DC Prostitution charge

If you have been arrested for sexual solicitation in the District of Columbia, we can help you. Sexual solicitation is a misdemeanor that carries up to 90 days in jail for first offense. If you are charged with sexual solicitation you will need an attorney that will be aggressive resolving your case. The cost and what will happen in Court is what most people are interested.

Need additional information – checkout additional information if you are arrested for a prostitution charge in DC

DC Traffic Lawyer

Dc traffic ticket lawyerIf you been arrested and now have a citation to appear in Court for a traffic infraction you need a dc traffic lawyer. Our attorneys understand the nuances of the law, know the court process and can help you determine possible outcomes based on your circumstances.

Check out additional information if you are charged with a traffic offense in the District of Columbia

DC Misrepresentation of Age Lawyer

Underage drinking in DCIf you have been charged with having a fake identification under the age 21 we can help.  In the District of Columbia, the Metropolitan police department (MPD) aggressively pursue underage individuals trying to enter establishments (restaurant or club) in which you must be 21 years of age. The police work with the establishment and are referred to as “cops in the shops.” Generally, the young person will have a fake identification and the security personnel are trained to look for security features that the fake identification does not have. The security officers will then alert the MPD, usually standing nearby and have the underage individual arrested.

DC Lawyer for disorderly conduct

DC Disorderly conduct lawyerYou can be found guilty of disorderly conduct in the District of Columbia for a number of reasons. If you are found guilty it is a misdemeanor offense which carries a fine and/or 90 days in jail. Most disorderly conduct offenses are divertable.

DC Expungement lawyer or DC Sealing Lawyer

DC Expungement LawyerHave you ever been arrested and never charged with a crime? Were you charged but the case against you was dismissed? Were you found not guilty at trial or placed on deferred prosecution or deferred sentencing for a misdemeanor? If the answer to any of these questions is, “Yes,” then you currently have a criminal record. But you might not have to.  We are DC expungement lawyers that may be able to help you.

DC Leaving After Colliding Lawyer

Leaving after colliding in the District of Columbia

Leaving after colliding in the district of columbia

Leaving  the scene of accident in the District of Columbia also known as “hit and run” has 2 categories:

  • Causing Property damage
  • Personal Injury

If you leave the scene of accident and cause property damage the penalty for first offense be fined not more than the $250. or incarcerated for not more than 30 days, or both.

If you leave the scene of accident and cause personal injury the penalty for first offense is be fined not more than $1000.00 or incarcerated for not more than 180 days, or both.

DC Domestic Violence Lawyer

DC Domestic Violence lawyers

DC Domestic Violence lawyer

Have you been charged with a domestic violence charge? Have you been served with a temporary protection order? We are DC lawyers that handle domestic violence cases

  • Simple Assault
  • Destruction of property
  • Stalking
  • Violation of a CPO
  • Contempt of Court
  • Civil Protection Orders

DC Simple Assault Lawyer

DC simple assault lawyer

District of Columbia Simple Assault lawyer

If you are charged with simple assault in the District of Columbia we can help you. Simple assault carries a maximum penalty of 180 days and/or $1000.00 fine. However, most misdemeanor cases can be resolved through diversion. So if you are charged with assault in the District of Columbia we can aggressive defend you in DC Superior Court.

DC civil protective order

Temporary protective orders in the District of Columbia

So you just got served notice to appear for hearing and order to appear in Court.  Attached to the notice is a petition and affidavit for a civil protection order.


Do not start to lose your mind.  The fact that you are reading this blog tells me that you have searched the web for any information regarding civil protection orders in the District of Columbia.   This is not the end of the world and remember this is a civil case not a criminal case.  HUGE difference.

Call an Attorney

Civil protection orders are not rocket science.  It does, however, require knowledge of the system and how it works.  Although civil orders are not criminal they can have substantial collateral consequences similar to criminal consequences.  For example, if a civil protection order is issued it may be unlawful to possess a firearm even if firearm possession is legal in your state.

What happens at the hearing?

There are number things that can happen at the hearing.  The following are possible outcomes:

(1) Have a hearing before a Judge in DC Superior Court.  If the Judge finds that an intrafamily offense has occurred as defined in the District of Columbia Code, you will have a court order requiring you to do certain things.

(2) The Petitioner may not show and the case could be dismissed for want of prosecution.

(3) A separate agreement (outside of court) can be reached with the Petitioner where the Petitioner agrees to dismiss the case with certain conditions met.

(4) No admissions consent to the Court Order.


You do not want to ignore this notice.   Failure to appear the Judge WILL ISSUE a bench warrant and a default for a civil protection order.

Rollins and Chan Law Firm

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Washington DC, District of Columbia 20004
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Phone: 202-455-5610

Washington, DC Automobile Accident lawyer

Washington, DC Car Automobile Accident Lawyer

Click here for Maryland Automobile Accident

At Rollins and Chan Law Firm we do not take every personal injury case for obvious reasons.  We have focused our personal injury side of the law firm on automobile accidents in Washington, DC and the surrounding local Maryland counties.   We pride ourselves on representing the small guy against the big insurance companies.

Our Congested Area leads to Accidents

Washington, DC is home to some of the most congested and well traversed roadways in our country. With so many autos and so many people driving distracted— it is no wonder that many serious auto accidents occur in our area.

In Washington, DC causes and circumstances of an accident will affect what damages you can recover

Do not get us wrong, it is rare for an automobile accident ever to involve punitive damages because most people do not have an accident on purpose.   However,  the circumstances of the accident can affect the damages you can recover.

Some of the most common causes of car accidents include:

  • drowsy driving
  • under the influence driving
  • distracted driving
  • speeding
  • improper lane changes
  • failure to obey traffic signs and signals
  • failure to yield to pedestrian

There are, however; many other causes, and what caused the car accident may affect the compensation you can seek for your injuries.    Some accidents involve those without car insurance.  In these situations, you may still be covered in some situations.

Rollins and Chan Law Firm

419 7th Street, NW Suite 405
Washington DC, District of Columbia 20004
United States (US)
Phone: 202-455-5610

We treat our clients with dignity and respect while aggressively fighting to protect their freedom

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Ada Chan is beyond AMAZING. I am now living in Florida and she texted me, called me immediately, absolutely anytime I had a question or concern. I still keep in touch with her after she won my case. I only wish she practiced law in Florida! LOVE ROLLINS and CHAN! Thank you both so much.
Kristan Roberts
Kristan Roberts
02:31 12 Apr 17
Retaining Ms. Chan as my attorney was the best move I made in my case. Two weeks before my court date, I had not decided on a lawyer. I was very uneasy and stressed out. Up to that point, I spoke to three lawyers but I was not convinced. Doing a little more research, I found Ms. Chan and gave her a call. I gave her details of my case and informed her of my prior convictions. She gave me step by step what the process would be with the prosecution and possible scenarios. As we spoke, I was very comfortable and had full confidence in her ability to get me the best outcome possible. I was able to meet with Ms. Chan and Mr. Rollins not long after and felt even more stress was lifted off my shoulders. As a working student with two jobs, the price she quoted me was very affordable. With the short amount of time before my court date, she gathered all the information needed to find the best outcome. Being that I was a previous offender, Ms. Chan was able to negotiate a deal to get my charges dismissed. I am very thankful of her time and effort, because it benefits me and my future. Throughout the process, she was able to keep me updated, helped me relax and stay at ease. She guaranteed exceptional service and her efforts went above and beyond. Not to mention, she puts herself in her client’s shoes so she understands and cares. There was never any moment I had doubt. Ms. Chan met all my expectations and I would highly recommend her to my friends, family, and everyone
Matt Mario
Matt Mario
15:50 12 Mar 17
Ada is a beast. She thoroughly held my hand through the process of my case and made me feel comfortable with choosing her out of all the other firms in DC. She worked diligently and kept me posted at all times of my case status and answered any questions regardless of the day and time. Ada is very responsive and ready to answer any questions you have and will guide you through the ins and outs of the process. Would rate 6 stars but 5 is the max.
Andrew So
Andrew So
15:12 13 Jan 17
Mark and Ada are the TRUTH! Hands down! From the beginning, Ada listened to the details of my case over the phone, and gave transparent and objective advice. Most, if not all, other firms don't want to listen to your case details without setting up an initial face-to-face consultation ($$$). Ada is comical and will respond to any questions you have via text - in record time - every time! Mark communicates best via email, but is nevertheless equally as responsive. Mark and Ada and will break all the court jargon and law terminology down in such a way that makes you understand both the fine details and the big picture of your case. With Mark and Ada, you will pay a reasonable, flat rate and their attentiveness, guidance, and execution are second to none! They will come up with a game-plan and carry it out with precision. I am completely satisfied and I have nothing but high regards for Mark and Ada. And although I don't want to have to, I would request their services again or recommend them to family or friends.
Q Hefner
Q Hefner
03:29 07 Dec 16
They are the BEST!! Easy to get a hold of and really care about you. I was really stressed about my court case but they helped me through it. Even better, they got my case dismissed!They have the best rates and customer service around. They know what they are doing!!
jason kim
jason kim
14:08 14 Feb 17

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they are great and will fight for you! the really know the craft
Juan Raul Castrellon
Juan Raul Castrellon
The Attorneys at Rollins and Chan law firm not only provide high-quality legal services, they are responsive, trustworthy, reliable and passionate about the law and their clients. They have a deep concern for the interests of their clients and always go above and beyond their roles as counsels. I fully endorse this firm!
Bella Reyes
Bella Reyes
Robin Richardson
Robin Richardson
Knowledgable and reputable. I support and recommend to my many friends in the Washington, D.C. area. What say you?
Raynard Vincent Price
Raynard Vincent Price
Mark Rollins
Mark Rollins
Ed Brown
Ed Brown

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Rollins and Chan Law Firm
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Jason K.
Jason K.
2017-02-14 06:12:37
They are the best! They dont over charge and work hard to get you the best results.Their customer service is unmatched and really care about you. I was...
K. Lawson W.
K. Lawson W.
2017-01-31 07:44:07
Rollins and Chan are excellent criminal defense attorneys. I have known both attorneys for over 15 years. Both Mark and Ada are very knowledgeable in all...
Theresa M.
Theresa M.
2013-11-27 13:45:38
Ms Chan did an amazing job with my case and was able to assist me with bargaining for reduced sentencing. I'm glad I used her services for my trial.