About Rollins and Chan Law Firm

We have been criminal lawyers for over 17 years.  Our practice was primary in the District of Columbia; however in the last 5 years we have been doing more and more cases in Montgomery and Prince George’s County.   We strive to do quality work and primary objective is to make sure clients are satisfied with our work.


Right from the start,  we took hold of technology.  We embraced it.  We tried to demystify the process by sharing the information that lawyers traditionally used to make things complicated. Its not as complicated as most may try to display.   Knowledge is power. The secrets we shared gave them knowledge and confidence about the options and costs of the criminal process.

Then along came the internet.  I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH WE LOVE TECHNOLOGY and will implement latest and greatest changes to make our practice more efficient.  In 1999 we built our first website and started giving away the secrets to anyone who wanted it.  We posted free motions and any documents that would help other lawyers do their job.  Its about serving our community not about getting rich with kept secrets.   We also acquire and talk to other lawyers and we remain in a network of criminal lawyers.  If we don’t know something – we ask the question to another attorney who may know the answer.

We knew the secret to our success was to continue sharing information with our clients and other lawyers. We got busy.

Busy being different using Technology

Being busy motivated us to keep giving away information and educating the public. Education became the cornerstone of our philosophy.

Being busy gave us the insight to understand the anxiety caused by hourly billing. That’s why, more than a decade ago, we implemented fee certainty with fixed fees. We got rid of mysterious and unanticipated attorney fees in almost all of cases.   You’ll always know exactly what every decision and move costs.

Being busy also allowed us to implement the most advanced technology in the profession. We use it to streamline our internal processes and make our client’s data accessible and understandable. You’ll have 24/7 access to your information and can immediately track the progression of your case without anyone getting in your way.

Being busy helped us try to figure out the most efficient way to serve clients while still remaining true to our roots of remaining community based. Our technological advantages allow our team to work remotely. That enabled us to practice from anywhere.  The traditional law office where you sit in a stuffy office is over.  Lawyers need to be flexible and be willing to meet anywhere.  People going through criminal process tell us to keep doing what we’re doing, the way we’re doing it. Our clients love it when we take the information, the technology and the most amazing team you’ll ever meet and use it all to advance their cause. You will too.

We offer our material to clients anywhere in the District of Columbia or Maryland.  Our primary focus is in the DC Superior Court, Montgomery County, Prince Georges County and Southern Maryland.  however, we represent clients throughout Maryland.