Expungement/Sealing Price List

Expungement/Sealing Price List

We try to make this as easy as possible. Our no haggle prices. These are fixed price and may be broken into 2 payments.

District of Columbia Sealing Eligible Misdemeanor

D.C. Code 16-803.
These are cases involving eligible misdemeanor; 2years for eligible misdemeanors,4 years for other offenses)

District of Columbia Sealing on
Actual Innocence Grounds

D.C. Code 16-802.

This motion is on actual innocence grounds. The price includes one hearing if necessary. If multiple hearings, an additional $250.00 per hearing.

Maryland Expungement

Criminal Procedure §10-105(c)(2)(I)(II)This is to an expunge a STET or Probation before Judgement Includes Filing fee

Maryland Expungement Good Cause

Maryland Law, Criminal Procedure §10-105

This motion is on good cause. If multiple hearings, an additional $250.00 per hearing.