Misdemeanor and Traffic Fixed Fees

Misdemeanor/Traffic Prices Fixed Fees

Experienced Lawyer Prices

There are some cases that are minor in nature and the lawyer with experience should know approximately how many hours it will take to finish the case. While you may be able to find a cheaper lawyer straight out of law school – he/she will not know the length of time it will take to handle some minor cases and charge you more

Bill Gates or Middle Class Same Price

Just because you are rich, it should not mean you have to pay more for a service that is not unique. Remember most of our misdemeanor prices are fixed because we know the nature of the case and probable outcome. So Rich or poor you should pay the same rate

Abraham Lincoln of Legal Fees

Abraham once returned a portion of client’s legal fees. Yes unheard of in todays legal world. Abraham Lincoln did that because he said lawyers have monopoly in the law,their prices must be reasonable priced.

CarMax No haggle Prices

When Carmax announced that they would do no haggle Prices, other dealership thought they would go out of business but the truth is most customers prefer to get a price that is reasonable and not haggle. At our law firm we strive to offer the same no haggle prices guarantee.