We are all about solving problems. It Doesn’t matter fault.

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Just solve the problem!

When it comes to representing clients, we want to take the load off your shoulders and place on ours.  We here to solve the problem.   We limit the number of clients we will represent at one time so that we can give each and every client the personal attention that is so deserved.

A DUI or other criminal offense can change the course of your life forever. It can have implications on your current employment and/or future employment. It can keep you from pursuing your life dreams and close the door on future opportunities. Don’t try to handle this alone. We aware that the ramifications of being convicted of a criminal offense, even misdemeanor charges, can be much more serious than the jail time, fines, and other court mandated requirements. Your ability to get quality employment, get involved in future businesses, ability to have certain professional licenses and other problems can arise after a conviction, with long term negative effects. You need to have an experienced criminal defense attorney in your corner ensuring the protection of your rights. The attorneys at Rollins and Chan have the experience and resources to help you fight your criminal charges with full force.
District of Columbia ‘s drunk driving laws are ever changing. We will scrutinize and evaluate the circumstances of your arrest. We review everything and determine the best strategy for your case. And remember our ultimate goal is to SOLVE THE PROBLEM!
A traffic ticket can result in potentially serious consequences, for both your driving record and insurance rates. Before you simply pay the fine associated with the ticket you should call to find out what your options may be. You should not settle for a needlessly harsh result when with legal representation you may be able to obtain a far more satisfactory outcome. Please contact us. At Rollins and Chan law firm we will try and get your traffic case dismissed or charges reduced. In fact, the cost you pay may actually be less than the fines that you were ordered to pay. So contact us today.


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