Prostitution in DC

Prostitution in DC is a misdemeanor offense.

Sexual Solicitation definition in the District of ColumbiaProstitution in the District of Columbia

“Prostitution” in the District of Columbia means a sexual act or contact with another person in return for giving or receiving a fee.  “Solicit for prostitution” means to invite, entice, offer, persuade, or agree to engage in prostitution or address for the purpose of inviting, enticing, offering, persuading, or agreeing to engage in prostitution.   “Arranging for prostitution” means any act to procure or attempt to procure or otherwise arrange for the purpose of prostitution, regardless of whether such procurement or arrangement occurred or a fee was paid.

Penalty for Prostitution in DC

Prostitution also referred to as sexual solicitation is a misdemeanor offense where the maximum penalty is not more than 90 days, or both, for the first offense; and not more than 180 days, or both, for the second offense.

If you are charged with Prostitution in DC

Do not panic.  Most people charged with sexual solicitation in the District of Columbia are eligible for diversion.  You will need to hire a criminal lawyer to explore all possible favorable outcomes for you.

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